The Shaper is one of the most difficult bosses in Path of Exile, if not the most difficult of them all. His abilities deal very high damage and he has the highest health pool out of any enemy in the game. Want to beat the Shaper, having enough poe currency is the premise. However, how to defeat the Shaper? The following post you should view seriously.

The Shaper himself is accessed by taking the four fragments from each of the guardians and putting them in your Atlas device. This means that, similar to the guardians, you only have six attempts in softcore. The Shaper himself has three phases, and after each phase he'll teleport you away. This gives you a chance to refill flasks from trash mobs, and you'll also have to kill a mini-boss before being teleported back. Neither of the mini-bosses are particularly difficult, but you need to avoid blatantly telegraphed slams.

The Shaper himself uses cold and physical damage to mess you up. There are a myriad of things to watch for. When he disappears into a black cloak, he's about to slam the ground where you are standing, so you better start moving. The slam will do around 10,000 unmitigated damage, so have fun. He will also throw Frostbolts at you. They have a very tiny window of being telegraphed before he throws them, and most people agree you should stand very close to him to avoid it. He throws three at a time, and each one does around 5,000 damage if you have 75% cold resist. I suggest bringing a Sapphire flask or stun immunity to help mitigate damage.

Additionally, his other big attack is a massive beam of damage. It looks scary, but it's the best phase to use for your attacks. It lasts a few seconds, so you can hit him from behind during it.

The Shaper has several other mechanics to watch for as well. You'll notice Zana is in the fight, and at some point minions try and kill her. Keep her alive, because you'll need her protection in the second and third phases (she does come back to life after a while if she dies).

In the Shaper's second and third phases he does what is often referred to as “bullet hell.” Zana will create a bubble of immunity in the middle that you must stand in, because any one of the bullets will do around 7,000 mitigated damage. He will also have balls spawning around the arena that follow you, and when they touch you they put down a damaging zone that lasts until that phase is finished. Try and guide them to the same spot so you don't have damage all over the area. Lastly, in his third phase, the Shaper creates a clone of himself that is untargetable, but does the same attacks. His attacks do less damage, but they still aren't something to scoff at.